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Golden Zap Edition v0.3alpha
Datum21.10.2015 17:06:25
Gepostet vonTyron
Dateigröße66.31 MB
Engine-VersionClonk Rage
DownloadGZE_v0.3a.c4f (309 mal runtergeladen)
Beschreibung- 2 new demo scenarios (mostly just for demoing GZE content)
- Added Coral Materials
- Music Manager, changes playlists depending on the situation (day, night, deep underground)
- Improved handling of Vehicle transported Vehicles (now is it's own library)
- Improved AI for Fish and Butterflies, they now Eat, Sleep, and Flee. Fish additionally group together if they are the same type (Schooling)
- Trees wobble slightly when being chopped
- Many many other small tweaks